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Title: Une Minute
Year: 1996
Exhibition: “Marc Quer, Jérôme Saint-Loubert Bié,” Galerie Interface/MMM, Marseille August 1–31, 1996

68 computer drawings, US letter size laser prints, 21.6 x 28 cm [8 1/2 x 11 in.] each.

Based on the gallerist’s description, each of these 68 computer drawings represents a possible floor plan of his gallery in Marseille, which I had never seen and could not visit. His one-minute-long description was left as a message on my answering machine in Los Angeles. The drawings and a transcription of the description were mailed to the gallery. Still left without much of a clue concerning the space the work would be shown in, I sent the project with no instructions for their presentation.