Rubber stamps

Title:Guggenheim Global
Year: 2003
Group exhibition: “Grande Orlândia,” Rua Bela, Rio de Janeiro, April 5–19, 2003
Curators: Ricardo Ventura, Márcia X, and Elisa de Magalhães

Ink pads, 8 rubber stamps applied to various places throughout the exhibition space.

These 8 rubber stamps reproduce the “logos” of exhibitions organized by the various international sites of the Guggenheim (the self-proclaimed “Guggenheim Global”). Applicable to diverse objects, these logos assimilate the exhibitions to museum gift store products, salable worldwide. In opposition to the extravagant Guggenheim museum planned for Rio at the time, this piece was conceived specifically for the show “Grande Orlândia,” whose organizers were equally critical of the Guggenheim’s policies. The other artists in the show were invited to determine the placement of the stamps, which were made in Brazil.

Photos: Wilton Montenegro (except 1/5)